Digital Identity

One thing I have noticed on social media is that everybody is happy, everybody is beautiful, everyody is rejoicing. Lately there’s been lots of political posts and comments all over the place creating dissensions and arguments but that never affected the fact that everybody is happy/beautiful on Facebook and instagram. I have looked at many people on facebook and marvelled at their beauty, amazing life, wisdom…but once I met there in person I found out that they were actually very ordinary and not as amazing as I thought. People even make jokes such as: dating-2

That is one reason why I am very suspicious of those dating websites because most of the times digital identity does not match with real identity.

Personally I try to be as real as possibe on social media, my mother even said that I was too real, I should try to filter and play the game sometimes (do like everyone else, which means post only nice pictures). My digital identity usually speaks of social issues, but also I like to post encouraging things. I have had many people messaging me saying that they were encouraged by what I post (someone having a bad day for instance).

There is also much of my private life (relationship pictures, family, hobbies) on social media, in one word it is easy to find out who I really am through looking online. I do not have instagram, and I am just starting with Twitter (on which I mainly post encouraging, education and leadership quotes).

As teachers, I think it is important to abide by the deontology code, because we are seen as role models. And not only online, but also in real life. It is never good to see a teacher posting about partying and getting drunk. At the same time, those who get drunk all the time and do not post it (only post the ethical stuff), does that mean that their digital identity (sometimes called online identity ) differs from their real identity? Are they not supposed to walk the talk? Is keeping their digital identity different from the real one fine?

I am wondering what people reading this post are thinking? Your thoughts are very welcome.