Facebook in the classroom (written by Paige and Divin)

5 Reasons you should be using Facebook in your Classroom…

You can create a closed group with parents (and students)

By creating a closed group you are able to easily share classroom information to a number of parents and students and help eliminate losing notes on the journey from school – home. Although websites allow you to do the same sort of thing parents are more likely to be checking their Facebook throughout the day then a website. If you don’t believe me check out the Top 20 Facebook Stat’s of 2017.

You can share videos and web articles related to students learning

Teacher Cast: Social media is all about sharing… and videos are widely shared on Facebook. So, if you share interesting videos related to your course, you will be able to engage and educate your students at the same time.

There are two things you can do:

✓ Create your own videos. Keep them short, interesting and to-the-point. This way your students will not mind watching them. If your videos are long, chances are that most of your students will not bother watching them.
✓ You can share videos from YouTube. YouTube offers a wealth of knowledge. You can find all kinds of tutorials there. You will easily find quality tutorials related to fitness, design, languages, cooking, science, math, dissertation help and much more. Always share engaging and interesting videos though. 
You make getting help more accessible
In a group where students and parents can interact with each other on a 24-hour basis, students or parents with questions are easily able to take a picture or make a post on a question they may have about an assignment.
Although everyone in the group may not know the response to the question, someone in there may be able to answer a question or provide assistance quicker than a teacher would typically be able to respond to an email.
Other parents or students may also provide a new perspective on the question that is being asked.

You create involvement

Facebook is all about the sharing. So what better place to share our students successes, and their learning. Facebook is a quick and easy place to post photos and videos.

Facebook is a great tool to help bridge the gap between a students home life and a students life at school. Through tools like Facebook live you can quickly and easily communicate with parents what it is the students are doing through their days at school. Making it easier for parents to engage in conversations about what it is they are learning at school.

Not only do you create a way for parents to be more involved in your classroom through loves, and likes, but you may also influence students to work harder so they are shown on the Facebook page. For example: students will (hopefully) work harder so that they can have their work shown or ideas shared for the rest to see! This could be a great tool for motivation.


You can create polls and ask questions

This allows teachers to access feedback in a quick and effective way.

Teacher Cast provides a great example:

For example,if you are teaching geography, you can ask your students to identify the place by posting a picture and providing various options. You can also ask them what they would like to discuss in class later. This method will certainly help you engage your students.

From classroom management to breaking barriers and building relationships, the reasons you should invite Facebook into your classroom could go on for days and these are only five. If these aren’t enough reason for you check out Online College for 95 more reasons YOU should be using Facebook in your classroom.

If those still don’t convince you poll and comment WHY. I wanna hear your thoughts. Also head over to Divin’s blog as he argues against the majority of the points of why you should use FB in the classroom.

Would you create a Facebook group for your classroom?



And if you just wants some laughs check out (caution it is rated PG)


Until next time, Miss. M



Even though Facebook is now used by millions of people all over the world, there are however many reasons to quit it (or just not to use it). Having been an user for 7 years, I have thought of saying bye to the tool numerous times and I am sure a good percentage of users too has. My approach until then has been screen time in moderation, but it’s not very easy with news popping up all over the world and everyday.

Anyways, here are some good reasons to quit Facebook :


1-  time-consuming

We do not really realize it but Facebook takes up a lot of our time. On average it is said that a person would spend 15 to 20 min a day on it, which is about 10 hours per month! And these are average casual users. Some more devoted people would spend an hour to an hour and a half per day, making it up to about 40 hours per month!

And it’s so subtle that people don’t realize it. Imagine what could be done in 40 hours: a parent spending more time with their kid (s), or students completing more homeworks, a teacher’s prep time, and so much more.facebook-time-consuming

2- Fake friendships

It is said that an average adult has about 300 Facebook friends but doesn’t even know 10% of them. Many people have Facebook friends living in different countries, and they never even met. People liking each other’s statuses, commenting, but not even close friends. Personally I rarely communicate with my closest friends through facebook (instead we text or call, or just skype), facebook being for distant acquaintances. 
As we can see, Facebook can easily become a fake and artificial world for many people, I can’t recount how many friends posted statuses like “screw facebook, I’m out of here coz everybody is so fake”, or “tired of having no friend, I think it’s time to leave facebook”.

3- Attention seeking

Facebook can be a huge attention seeking tool. Many people would post things just to get noticed, and would even go as far as posting inappropriate things when they don’t get the attention they wanted. Many kids would get depressed when nobody would like their statuses for instance, or they would feel more important when they get many likes. So they get immersed into an universe where they receive “affirmation” from complete strangers or distant acquaintances and easily become dependent.  These situations are also the perfect setting for online predators who would take advantage of those teens. I think of the innocent teenage girl with low self esteem and very few likes on facebook, then suddenly a stranger tells her how interesting, smart and beautiful she is: perfect setting for that predator


4- Gossip

Facebook is also a huge place for Gossip . People backbiting each other, users with less privacy getting creeped, engagements or relationships breaking up and entire facebook aware….

We notice that pictures on facebook are always beautiful, most people’s lives seem pink and perfect, making it impossible to compete. The person creeping feels bad because they feel like they will never come close to other people’s level of happiness (seen through facebook) while the people being creeped too are broken inside because they know that the whole time they put a mask and were not authentic; their lives are just like everyone else’s.

5- Facebook keeps track of our deleted and unpublished updates/posts

Facebook a couple of years ago was doing a study in which they were tracking when people typed something and deleted it without publishing. They were doing it for the purpose of “understanding why users self-censor themselves in updates”. They have data scientists and a status of more than five characters that is written but not published, is kept in their files.

How many pictures and posts people decided to delete last minute? Facebook still has the records. I can also imagine that they keep record of all our searches.

As we can see, nothing really stays private on facebook, people’s lives are monitored and almost stalked.



Hope these reasons would be good enough to make you think. As I said, nothing on Facebook is private, your pictures for instance after being posted are now theirs.


Sincerely yours,
Divin Mvoula