Digital citizenship

When we talk about  digital Citizenship in classrooms, I see many advantages but also many challenges. As a teacher, I believe one of the challenges is improper use of technology. Katia pointed that out, she said “the problem is not with too much technology but unapropriate use of it”. I think teachers should come up with rules at the very beginning of the year if the school does not already have specific rules. I think there should be open and free communication in the classroom among peers (students) and between teacher-students. Nowadays technology is advancing at a rapid rate, in class we even saw that Internet has now become a human right. So I think students need to be introduced to all of that the proper way. I personally know many students that are tech oriented, they are real geniuses in the area, I think to completely confiscate technology in schools is not helping them.

I see digital citizenship fitting in the curriculum because that’s how the world is seemingly heading anyway. Too bad there are many teachers that are not tech at all, I think it will be hard for them. Kids will learn the best search engines, how to efficiently use computer tools that will be helpful in future professional duties. They should also be taught how to carry themselves around  Technology and especially  Internet. I even would like to see seminars where both teachers and students would attend. There is so much going on the net so students should be aware of where to go and where not to go. They should at the same time encouraged to avoid piracy and download (when something is actually supposed to be bought). At the same time it is a hard call because companies like  microsoft or apple or PandaSecurity or ESET actually hire professional hackers, so kids might actually develop their tech abilities at home through hacking and piracy. I know it might sound awful but as I said earlier, big companies hire hackers to protect them but also to maybe hack into other companies’s system….so.


I really enjoyed everything overall, I really learnt through the nine elements of digital citizenship. digital