Final Networked learning post

Overall I would say that the class went very well. Twitter that was nothing to me before the class, became easily my favourite social media outlet. I was able to post many things and also learn from other people’s posts. Any post that I really really liked, I retweeted. Not only because I liked it but also because it was a way to encourage those who posted them. One could go on my Twitter page and see many retweets.

Here are some pictures of some of those retweets:




I also had people retweeting my tweets. which was very encouraging:




In terms of Google Community, I was not as involved as Twitter, as I was a little bit overwhelmed with the amount of information that was circulating around (social media speaking, I prefer the one on one interaction over the group chats) but once in a while I participated. Nevertheless, I really liked the community because one could ask any question at any time of the day and would get an automatic answer; the amount of solidarity on that group was quite stunning. I was a bit skeptical at the beginning as of whether it would work (organic connections) but at the end of the day it worked. Here below are some examples:





I also was able to comment and encourage other people on their learning projects, but was also encouraged by others commenting on mine. It was fascinating to see what other people were doing for their learning projects, very good ideas everywhere.


My favourite thing group wise was maybe the post that I made with Paige McNabb, it was only the two of us but I really liked it. We talked about the pros and cons of Facebook.


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