Hebrew weekdays

Hebrew Weekdays

Apart from Saturday (Sabbath day), each day of the week in Hebrew has a number. Indeed, they are all from number one to number six. I sort of knew already that Saturday was Sabbath day, the day of rest and when every shop is closed in Israel, but I never knew that the Shabbat day did not really have a number. Also, Sabbath is the only day that does not start with “Yom”, every other day does. Thanks to the learning project, now I know.

Yom is indeed pronounced “Yome”. The “Kh” is a guttural sound often spelled as “Ch”.  There is no “Ch” sound in Hebrew as there is in English.  Modern Hebrew, however, can create a “Ch” sound by putting an accent mark ( ´ ) in front of the Hebrew letter “Khet” (or “Chet”).  This is used only in rare cases in order to properly pronounce such words or names as Church or Churchill (referring to the person Winston Churchill.)

Secular Weekday Name

Hebrew “Name”

Hebrew Meaning

Sunday Yom Reeshone First day
Monday Yom Shaynee Second day
Tuesday Yom Shlee´shee Third day
Wednesday Yom Revee´ee Fourth day
Thursday Yom Khah´mee´shee Fifth day
Friday Yom Ha´shee´shee Sixth day
Saturday Shabbat Rest

I hope I will be able to remember these words after two or three months, I guess maybe it will be a matter of practice. I wish I had a friend that speaks Hebrew, that way I won’t lose whatever I am learning right now. From what I understand too, Saturday is the most important day in the Hebrew week.

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