I remember last year a few classmates were talking about Prezi, so when I saw that as an option I quickly picked it. Prezi is another Presentation program, the company (which has the same name) is located in Budapest Hungary. To be honest it kind of looks more fancy than Powerpoint due to the fact that those circles are moving. The audience actually see the screen going from one thing to another. With different settings, I noticed that I could customize the background as well, which I liked. There were different plans and I picked the free one (I guess the simplest one too).



I did not like the fact that it’s kind of too technical, one had to have a tutorial almost to navigate through it. I remember my very first time on Powerpoint, it did not take me more than 5 min to understand the tool. Prezi on the other hand gave me such a hard time! At the end of the day I think it is for more professional people. I also did not like the fact that that the options font and color were inexistent.

Overall, I would suggest Prezi for more tech and professional people, but for the day to day person, I would say Microsoft PowerPoint  is the best option.

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