Current Status of Hebrew language

Still learning about the Hebrew language, I’m  discovering more and more things. For instance, I have just found out that there are about 10 million Hebrew speakers worlwide, of whom 8 million speak it fluently.  As most people know, Hebrew (Modern Hebrew) is the official language of the Israeli state.  Israel being a mosaic of people from different backgrounds and cultures (Russians, Arabs, Ukrainians, Polish, Ethiopians, Asians…), modern Hebrew is only the native tongue of 50% of Israelis older than 20. There are about 60% of Israeli Arabs that are proficient in Hebrew, with 30% of them preferring Hebrew over Arabic . Hebrew is also an official national minority language in Poland, since 6 January 2005.

Because of the rapid spreading of English throughout the Middle-East, the Israeli government has been trying to preserve the Hebrew language, keep it as the primary language of use. With tourists visiting from all over the world and close relationship with the United States , English is now spoken by many Israel residents and they tend to frequently incorporate English words into their vocabulary. So the Academy of the Hebrew Language has been coming up with 2,000 new Hebrew words each year for modern words.


(Academy of The Hebrew Language)

It is a miracle though that after two thousands years scattered and without a language (Hebrew), that the Hebrew language was restored. This is what scholars call the Revival of the Hebrew Language.

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