Progress, changes, modifications

It is my very first time to self-teach myself a language, I must admit that it is easier than I thought, thanks to the  Internet. At first I was worried about how my pronunciation would be (without an actual teacher), but all the pronunciations are online. Finally I decided to not go with duolingo anymore, they use a method I am not familiar with. I am currently trying to learn Hebrew the same way as I was taught English, which means going through the “alphabet first, then the greetings, the numbers, directions….it is working better for me apparently. Honestly, having to post something online every week is so good because it raises up the level of accountability. What was at first like a chore has become discipline, then slowly slowly is turning into a routine. Nobody is slacking, you get rewarded for what you put in. I just wish I had someone that spoke Hebrew handy, I am sure my Hebrew would have been ten times better. I sometimes pass by a Synagogue on my way to the mall, I might check that out sometime, who knows? They might be willing to speak with me.

So far I’ve got the alphabet, some greetings, some songs (that I won’t sing in public, sorry terrible voice) and a few other words. And I am keeping on progressing, next blog post I will touch base some more on the progress.

Furthermore, I like the fact that for this learning project we were given the opportunity to choose what we wanted to do, otherwise it would not have been so fun. I looked at other people’s learning projects, and they all seem to enjoy it because they are doing what they like. hebrew all the time

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