Curriculum as Citizenship

I did not have my grade 12 schooling in Canada so it will be hard for me to comment on the question. Neverthless, in the country I grew up in (Republic of Congo), patriotism isn’t  very big. I remember us singing the national anthem very rarely at school. Being a citizen was simply to hold the citizenship and , not much and not less. Nothing really was in the curriculum apart from history and geography. Even then, the history we learnt was WWII and the French Revolution. So there was not much in term of citizenship. Citizenship talks I remember were taught in elementary (being a good citizen, national anthem…).

The Sask curriculum though makes social studies as well as Aboriginal languages available to grade 12 students, which is good in regards to citizenship. As an immigrant it did not take me long before I started learning a bit about First Nations’s past. I think it is a duty as citizens (to know at least the very bit).

2 thoughts on “Curriculum as Citizenship

  1. Thank you for sharing. It was very interesting to learn a bit about another country’s way of learning. Why is citizenship not discussed there, perhaps the way of life has impact? I agree that knowing our First Nations history, as Canadian citizens, is very important as well.


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