Cyber Bullying

After Carol Todd’s visit, I must admit that my view on cyber Bullying will never be the same. I have never been a fan of online video chat , but now I am more than ever aware of the consequences cyber bullying can have. I was pretty shocked and angered upon reading the story of Amanda Todd, a sense of “this man needs to pay for that” rose up so strong in me. Another thing that shocked me (in a positive way) was the way Carol is handling the matter. Hearing her say that she is not bitter about it, to me is so admirative. Such a strong woman! I was also very shocked (negatively this time) to see that some people said that it was Amanda’s fault anyway, that she was responsible of her own actions. One thing is sure, if that man hadn’t harassed her that way, she would have still been alive. On another note we should not forget that she was still a kid, a minor, so I believe the man took advantage of that.

I did read on Carol’s facebook account that 47% of Canadian teens have experienced cyberbullying. Amanda brought the issue of cyber bullying to mainstream attention through a YouTube video.

I believe parents, schools need to come on board and educate kids on that matter. I am thinking about the girl that has low self esteem and that finds a random guy online that tells her that she is pretty and amazing and smart. Imagine the effect that would have on her if she opens up. And these kind of things are happening everyday as we speak! Many of those girls trapped in that emotional net would end up making bad choices to please “the only person” that appreciate them and compliment them. I think schools and parents need to come together so kids are taught how to detect online predators. As teachers I believe we need to be very vigilant and discerning. Open conversations with our students will be key, many of them feel like nobody cares or is listening, I believe we need to find ways to come close. I also honestly wish we had seminars at the university on cyberbullying, and how to protect our students, because whether we like it or not cyberbullying on our students will for sure happen during our careers. On top of that I believe that parents and schools need to come together to sort of educate kids on abusive consumption of technology. Because whether we like it or not, this has become a big problem today and parents (and school) have to put the foot on the table if necessary. Better be the bad guy than be sorry.

Furthermore I was also shocked to see that on most sites I went to to find out more about Amanda Todd, Cobin’s name never appeared. They refer to him as “the stranger”, “the man”. I believe that his name needs to be known, from the very moment the man admitted certain facts. That way he is less active and cause less harm. I really support Carol on this case, I really hope justice is done, I don’t believe the man needs 10 or 20 years of jail, I believe he deserves more. To be honest. Let’s see what the following weeks will look like.


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