Hebrew 101 Greetings

Now that I know the Hebrew alphabet, I decided to still skip Duolingo (actually I might not use it for a while) and use other ways. I found a good ressource which was online and it is called “The Travel Linguist”. I wanted to know about greetings and I found that very helpful.

It is easy to forget some words after only two hours, but practice makes perfect. None of these words is similar to English or French, so it is all about remembering; and it is not easy at all. I am now able to say some greeting in Hebrew such as shalom (peace), hello, how are you, I am fine and you, good morning, good night, what is your name, thank you, you’re welcome, see you later…now I feel so motivated to travel to Israel. Here is the YouTube video I have been working on:



I will be staying on The Travel Linguist for quite a while, and next time I will be showing you a video of me speaking some Hebrew (greetings and a few sentences). I will be translating at the end so viewers don’t get lost.

I like the way they pronounce their “Hs”, it makes me think a lot of German (not that I speak German but I know a few words and that same sound comes up a lot).

Here it is for this week guys, I can’t wait to show you next week video!

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