My First Week learning some Hebrew

One thought filled my mind when I started using Duolingo, it was to quit. “The Hebrew language is too hard” I thought. Different alphabet, no similarities at all with French (my native language) or English. I have seen the Greek alphabet and some Greek words, some characters and words pretty much look like French characters or French words…but Hebrew! Nothing alike. I thought to myself “good for me that my mastery of that language won’t necessarily be something Katia is going to look for at the end of the day”. Nevertheless, I want to learn as much as possible and I accept the challenge.  “There won’t be any turning back” I thought, I will go till the end.

Right away duolingo took me into some words, I expected to first start with the alphabet. That surprised me quite a lot. Nevertheless, I got a 10/20 the first time. Passing grade eh!  It seemed to me that each character was the same at first, I almost felt sorry for little Jewish children that learn the language. “How can people learn that! ” I thought most of the time, “if you can handwrite these characters, I’m pretty sure you can handwrite anything”. So I decided to put duolingo aside for a few days, and concentrate on learning the alphabet first. At least to start there. And I am still learning, I have not perfected it yet. When I started learning the english language, the alphabet (pronouncing each letter) was the foundation. So brace yourselves guys, on my next post I will be sharing a video of me identifying and pronouncing each letter of the alphabet.



(Hebrew Alphabet)


As you can see, it contains 27 letters and I learnt that in Hebrew we read from the right to the left (unlike English or French where we read from the left to the right). I also heard somewhere that Hebrew letters are codes too. Some archeologists and scholars were able to decode some mysteries by decoding letters of ancient writings. Hmm it’s something I will definitely be looking into as well.

Alright, thank you for reading this week’s post, I’m looking forward to posting the video next time. Please bear with me, I will be using some of your undertanding, good sense of humor, and patience.


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