On your mark, ready, go!

All my life I have been an adept of history and archaeology. . When the opportunity to learn another language rose (in regard to my learning project), my choice was very clear: I had to learn either Hebrew or Modern Greek. I finally picked up Hebrew. In the Middle East so many discoveries are being made related to Jewish roots, and I am so fascinated by it.



(Ancient Jewish tombstone)

On top of that I have always wanted to learn four languages in my lifetime: English, Japanese , Arabic and Hebrew. So I should be on the right path since I already know a lot of English, and now it’s the Hebrew’s turn. I will be using duolingo for that, an average of 15 t0 30 min a day. I can feel the excitement running through my veins, it will be hard (I know it) but also worth it.  I don’t have a specific objectif really, my goal will just be learning as much as I can.

To all people reading my blog, stay tuned because on a weekly basis I will be posting about my progress. Thanks

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