Who’s Divin?

Hi, my name is Divin Mvoula and I am a third year secondary education student. I’m in the French Program, and originally from the Republic of Congo. I only moved to Canada five years ago.

Apart from skype, facebook, emailing, PowerPoint , I don’t have much experience with educational technology. In fact, the whole concept of blogging and Twitter is all new to me. But…everything has a beginning, hopefully by the end of the semester my enthusiasm and knowledge in those things will dramatically increase. I might end up being a blogging freak, who knows?

My thoughts on blogging until this class have always been that bloggers were deep thinkers. I would see a blog on facebook (link) and most of the time the subject is about critical thinking, deep thoughts, discovering oneself, personal opinions…

As a person, I think that the deepest cry of the human heart is love.



You can keep in touch with me via twitter, here is my  twitter account.


2 thoughts on “Who’s Divin?

  1. I relate all to well about being new to this whole blogging concept! Like you said, everything has a beginning and it’s exciting to learn how to use a tool such as this.

    I’m glad you’re willing to learn and don’t think of this as too stressful of a task. Your blog is looking great! It’s simple and easy to maneuver through. A suggestion I have is maybe post a photo of yourself in widgets?? That’ll help personalize your blog since you mentioned that you think of blogs as people who are deep thinkers. (:

    If you want to check out mine and give me some tips on my blog, please don’t be shy!

    – Chelsea B

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